Saturday, May 7, 2011

A visit to Cunningham Pianos (Philadelphia)

I happened to attend a conference in Philadelphia. I visited Cunningham Piano and Co while I was there. Here are some pics (slideshow embedded after the text). I also have a couple of videos where I play some of his pianos. Forgive the huge flubs in my playing.. it wasn't easy to go play after 2 tiring days of listening to Psychology talks. However, the pianos sound beautiful, so do have a listen! Thanks to Rich Galassini, owner of Cunningham Pianos, for hosting us and giving us that very informative tour of the showroom and the amazing restoration facility (never seen anything like it!).

And this is my dream piano:


  1. Steinway...... A dream, I'm sure.... I played last year in a Boston (second line of Steinway), and it was a dream...
    I never played a Bosendorfer, but I'd like the sound.

    You play with passion. This is rare.

  2. Thanks Neto. I'm sure you'll love the touch of a Bosie too.